It makes your HTML beautiful


There are some plugins that I advice you to use with awsm.css.


It's simple and powerful jQuery gallery by Artem Polikarpov. Homepage of the plugin — Demo:

Example imageExample imageExample imageExample imageExample image

Photos by Andrey Okonetchnikov

highlight.js & prism.js

The best syntax highlight libraries. First of them has more themes, but sometimes second works better. Which one to use? Up to you.

Homepages: & Demo of prism.js you can see below.

@import 'mixins';
@import 'variables';

//- Basic

html {
  font-family: font('sans');
  font-size: 100%;
  line-height: size('line-height-max');
  background: color('secondary');
  color: color('primary');
  -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;


It's a pure JavaScript image zooming plugin; as seen on Check the demo below (click to the image). Homepage.

Beautiful photo of buildings in a city