Igor Adamenko

30 September 2016, 20:40

Main setting in Chrome

Chromium-based browsers on Mac have one important feature that I don't remember on Windows—setting “Warn Before Quitting (⌘Q)”. If you check it, then Cmd + Q won't close browser immediately. It shows warning:

Warning: Hold ⌘Q to Quit.

16 August 2016, 2:49


I've notice that if I use Windows calmly and carefully, it can work for a month without reboot and any freezes.

Screenshot of Windows task manager with 30 days uptime.
Yep, this is Russian version of Windows. Look at 30:00:03:33. This is uptime.

15 June 2016, 22:29

Don't use flexbox for page layout

Seriously. Do not use.

If you start to use flexbox, then you won't be able to get rid of flexbox model. And your content will rule of your layout. You will get strange bugs with overflow, growing, shrinking, etc. flex-grow and flex-shringwill be your friends forever. And each of your component will affect on his children without your participation.

So, don't do that. Listen Jake if you don't believe me.